About me

About me

A little bit of information about the artist

Anna Strandberg

Hallo, my name is Anna Strandberg. I’m from a little villiage called Alby, Sweden and are about 20 years old. I’ve been painting since I was a little child. My mother introduced me to art, at a very young age because her own interest in art and crafting. It quickly became a very important part of my life. Today I love to paint and crafting, the very thing to create things from my imagination is my life purpose.


The art for me eases the pain I feel and the stress I may sometimes suffer from. The art was always the thing I did and do when I don’t feel well or felt sad. It help me with my depression and is helps me cep it away.


Today, I go to college and explores my second interest in medicine. I'm studying to become a nurse and hopefully one day, also reasurching within medicin.